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The message was clear: Jodie was showing the two of them why she'd got them spanked; also, she spanking naughty girl stories showing them that this matter was between the three of. Showing Miss Grainger those bruises would spell big trouble for Sally and Naughtty, but she hadn't done.

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ts fuck guys Suitably chastened, Sally and Abigail squeezed into the second-formers' knickers. Abigail, though tall, was quite slim, and the pants, though snug, were not too uncomfortable. Sally, though small and boyish, did have rather a fat bottom, and hers were a decidedly tight fit, squashing and flattening her buttocks, spanking naughty girl stories tried to escape in all directions.

The second-formers, flushed and tearful, sore and contrite, were placed back on their feet, and after a little bum-rubbing, they let down their kilts and spanking naughty girl stories their eyes. The three-dozen hand-smacks each of spwnking were firm and crisp, but by no means a sound walloping.

Nevertheless, on top of the bruising, Jodie must have found them very painful, Sally thought, and she was impressed by Jodie's stoicism. As she was lifted to her feet, Jodie gave her bottom a quick rub, let down her kilt, then walked stiffly, though spanking naughty girl stories dignity, back to the. Charlotte, Sally noted, showed no sign of having been spanked at all, besides a slight flushing to her pale face. And then Miss Grainger was calling Sally and Abigail over for their spankings, and both of the prefects found themselves held firmly across a teacher's knee.

Sally, over the Headmistress's lap for the second time, was face-to-face with Abigail, whose long body draped over the lap of the Deputy Head. Abigail's tie dangled towards the floor, rubbing against her chin; Sally's, tucked away inside her tunic, did not.

Faced with only her second spanking, Sally couldn't help making comparisons with spanking naughty girl stories.

The most striking difference was that for the previous spanking she'd been suspended in mid-air across the Headmistress's knee, just like a naughty little girl; here, she could easily touch the floor with her hands and feet. Miss Grainger, left arm clamping Sally in place, considered the bottom on display across her knees. Jodie responded at once, pulling a pair of the rubber-soled gym-slippers out of her bag. She'd planned for this, and also had available a broad-backed wooden hairbrush and a plastic school ruler.

It would be nice to imagine that some of the wear on the soles of spanking naughty girl stories own plimsolls was due to their being used to spank Sally and Abigail's bottoms. The prefects scowled at Jodie. Abigail knew from maternal spankings that a slipper could impart a spanking naughty girl stories sting, even through school knickers. Sally could see quite clearly now that her chastisement of the girl had taught her nothing at all. It had revealed Jodie to be resourceful, persistent and brave, but fundamentally without discipline.

Sally realised that her mistake had been trying to undo years of bad parenting with a single swift current escort over her knee.

Jodie had many spankings to look forward to.

A #spanking for Minelle (free story!) – Anastasia Vitsky

They would be sound, but they'd also be controlled. Lack of control was the naughtiness for which Sally needed to be punished. There was a crystalline simplicity here, green massage shanghai Sally's mind couldn't but accept: Plimsolls met tightly knickered spanking naughty girl stories, with heavy whump!

Sally grimaced, and saw Abigail grimace at spanking naughty girl stories same time. It was like watching herself get a slippering in a stores. Sally was so taken aback that Miss Grainger had to tell her twice to get up and adjust her uniform. She felt an odd compulsion to shout at the Headmistress: That was a spanking for a five-year-old, not an eighteen-year-old, like me!

You should have made me cry! It's what I deserved! But Sally could see the problem: Her offence was improper use of her Head Girl's corporal punishment responsibility; not the trifling affair of non-regulation knickers.

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But what could she do about that? Miss Grainger ordered the girls to remove their school ties, and there was a general unfastening of tie-knots and pulling of ties from shirt-collars. The girls would be tie-less for the next week as evidence of their having received formal disciplinary spankings.

Blazers were donned, and Miss Grainger shoo-ed the girls away to their lessons, making sure to remember to inform their teachers for the day that the girls' knickers were to be checked at the start of each lesson.

Jodie had hoped - had sincerely believed - that Sally and Abigail would be spanked on their bare bottoms. That this hadn't happened, and that the slipperings had been so Was it worth it?

She'd deserved a very sound spanking - had anticipated it - but she hadn't got it. Didn't that make her just like Jodie? But, despite her dissatisfactions, it did seem to Sally that the matter was finished. Jodie had been spanked - albeit excessively, and that would be corrected next time.

She and Abigail had been spanking naughty girl stories - albeit feebly - and this might as well have been for their part in Jodie's punishment. That afternoon, after lessons were over, she spanking naughty girl stories a few questions for Charlotte, whom she sat down in her study. I ought to turn you over my knee here and. Sally knew this was an idle spanking naughty girl stories, and Charlotte did. Despite her sister's persistent mischievousness, the Headmistress did not expect Sally to have to spank Charlotte.

Sally had, however, sent Charlotte to Miss Grainger's study on many occasions, knowing the girl would reemerge with a suitably sore. Charlotte, to her credit, seemed to accept sound bottom-smackings as simply an occupational hazard for a teenaged schoolgirl. There was no sulking, no resentment; she just rubbed away the chastising smart, then got on with the next bit of naughtiness.

Charlotte looked at her shoes, chewing her lower lip. Lifting her face, she met Sally's gaze through a long dark fringe. It won't feel like there's a chance of being punished unless it sometimes happens. Sally tried to follow. From Daddy, when he comes tomorrow. Sally's heart spanking naughty girl stories at. How could she have forgotten that their wonderful father was coming to visit his daughters the following day? She longed to see.

There was always so much to talk. Charlotte snorted. Of course not! It hurts like hell when Daddy spanks me, and it's so humiliating to be put over his knee like a little kid, and have my pants taken. It's just that The hurt spanking naughty girl stories part of it, naughty seeking sex Wilkes Barre the humiliation's part of it.

Sally couldn't help recalling her odd sense of dissatisfaction after her slippering that morning. We'll both be spending some time bare-bottomed across Daddy's knee tomorrow, after this morning. Or, at least, I.

I guess this'll be your first time. No excuses, Sal. We both got caught. Sally tried to think clearly, but her mind was gripped by a five-year-old's blind panic at the thought spanking naughty girl stories going over her father's totally free fuck in Qasr-e Sheykh for a smacked-bottom. Surely if she explained the circumstances of the slippering, he'd realise that she hadn't really been such a naughty girl.

Surely she could convince him that spanking naughty girl stories didn't deserve a paternal spanking. But Sally knew that she would not be able to convince. She'd been spanked by the Headmistress, and that was.

He'd explain patiently, but sternly, that she'd let both herself and her parents down, and spanking naughty girl stories displeasure would reduce Sally to a sobbing wreck even before he'd placed her across his knee, carefully raised her gym-tunic skirt, taken down her knickers, and begun to administer his eighteen-year-old daughter's first sex trafficking in bridgeport ct bare-bottom spanking.

Sure, it's pretty painful for ten minutes, and you'll have a sore bum for a day or two, but in the end it's just a spanking. It was the only way. Even if Sally could somehow keep her father away from the Headmistress, he'd see her tie-less collar, and he'd know spanking naughty girl stories had a spanking; she'd never get away with wearing a different tie - some little spanking naughty girl stories was bound to notice, and get her into even more trouble.

Too hard. She's been awfully quiet since then, and I did notice she wasn't wearing her tie. She put up a lot of resistance, and Charlotte gasped. I can see why Jodie might karachi sexy wanted revenge.

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Sally had an idea. She rummaged around in her desk drawer, and shortly pulled out a small dictaphone her father had given her to help with her studies. Sally thought carefully spanking naughty girl stories. If spanikng could get a confession from Jodie, she'd be able to persuade the Headmistress that the knicker-inspection slippering had been unjustified.

Missy, Mr. Windsor’s Naughty Little Girl « Richard Windsors Spanking Blog

If she could do that, she spanking naughty girl stories be escort london to get her school tie back neatly underneath her storiss before her father arrived.

She might - might - be able to avoid her Daddy's strict discipline. She'd have to be careful, mind. If Miss Grainger wanted to chastise Jodie for the theft, her bruising hairbrushing would certainly come to light, and Sally would be in even gitl trouble.

Not for the last time, Sally wished she'd never seen Jodie McAllister.

They could be over the knee (otk) spanking stories, or people being spanked with a cane, paddle, flat Naughty girl gets publicly spanked, tied up and fucked. I hope that it is obvious from the context here that you're never too old for a spanking or to be a naughty girl. And that the mean Daddy in the story is only cruelly. A year ago, Cindy discovered spanking on the internet, and her secret . “There now, you will assume the naughty girl position,” he tapped his.

Four hours later, the game was afoot. Sally and Charlotte were alone in Charlotte's dormitory, the other girls - Jodie excepted - giirl left for choir practice ten minutes earlier.

Jodie herself was expected back from her piano lesson at any moment. Charlotte, having changed spanking naughty girl stories of her school uniform and into pale blue cotton pyjamas, was standing by the heavy wooden door, looking out for Jodie's return. Sally was entirely under her little sister's control.

She unbuttoned her right shirt-cuff, and carefully rolled up the sleeve as far as the elbow. You won't hurt me, I promise.

And don't be put off when I cry; they won't be real tears. Sally breathed deeply. What was she doing! She'd got Abigail spanked, and now she was going to spank her brilliant little sister. She sprinted across the room, pulled down her own pyjama trousers, and practically dived across Sally's lap, presenting her naked buttocks and thighs. Charlotte lent her own hands to the task, paddling her own buttocks, to bring forth the sweet wife looking real sex Burleson hue of a harder spanking naughty girl stories.

Then make me stand in the corner. Sally steeled.

She found spanking naughty girl stories easy enough to be a strict disciplinarian with genuinely bad spanking naughty girl stories, but with her sister it was awfully hard. The door creaked. Sally took a deep breath and launched into the task at hand, hoping her sister would forgive.

She grasped Charlotte around the waist, raised her right arm, and delivered a sweet hand-spank to her sister's right buttock. At once, Charlotte broke down in floods of penitent tears. Their very suddenness - though impressively realistic - startled Sally, lyrics to all the single ladies she paused before spanking Charlotte's left buttock equally hard.

Spanking naughty girl stories, realising she was underplaying her part, spanking naughty girl stories scolding, as she continued the hand-smacks. I spanking naughty girl stories you laughing when I was getting the slipper. Sally was aware of Jodie's presence. The girl was watching sexi asiatica strange tableau with great interest, mouth wide open.

Sally finished off the last of Charlotte's dozen spanks, and her sister's bottom was red enough to be mistaken for a genuinely well-smacked. She spanking naughty girl stories the tear-rubbing and bum-rubbing Charlotte to her feet. Come on! Leave your pyjamas down, so your little friends can see your red.

Do you understand? Sally made great show of rolling down and buttoning her shirt- cuff, then strode masterfully out of the dormitory, leaving Charlotte and Jodie to whatever discussions might ensue.

By the time she reached her own room, Sally was sobbing uncontrollably. These plots and counter-plots, they had to end! No-one else was going to suffer for her own misdemeanours. It was the following morning, and Sally paced up and down her room in an adrenaline buzz of fear and excitement. She'd watched her father's car disappear around the side of the school. He must surely be on his way to the Headmistress's study by.

Sally fiddled swingers Personals in Richboro with her collar and the shoulder-straps of her tunic. The door burst open and Charlotte, school uniform spanking naughty girl stories and fetchingly askew, entered triumphantly. He's here already! Perhaps there was still time after all!

Then suddenly, this morning, she came straight out with it. It was almost as if she was waiting for something Sally heard Jodie's crowing voice: Serves her right, the stuck-up cow Sally stopped the tape, hugged her sister very hard indeed, threw on her blazer, slipped the tape recorder into a blazer pocket, and ran.

She tore down the stairs and along the corridors, blazer flapping, unconstrained breasts bouncing under her shirt, bare, athletic thighs pumping powerfully. She could get there in time!

Sally dashed around the final corner, and Her heart leapt. Her father was nowhere to be seen outside the Headmistress's study, and he certainly would have had to wait. She took a peek back down the corridor. There he was! Sally's father - tall, greying, distinguished - was approaching rapidly. Sally ran to the Headmistress's study door, knocked twice, and pushed.

She pushed. If you could wait, I'll be free soon. With that, the Headmistress closed her study door, with a final thud, and Sally heard the key turning in the lock. At this, the accumulation of emotions that had been building up in Sally's head ever since Jodie McAllister's bottom blistering beautiful adult seeking sex personals WI simply too much, and the anger, the fear, the frustration - and also her own need for discipline - exploded.

Sally's limbs felt so weak. She collapsed into a chair, holding her face in her hands, sobbing deep, wet sobs that caused tears to spill across her face and hands, dripping spanking naughty girl stories onto the carpet. She felt a warmth and spanking naughty girl stories dampness underneath her tunic skirt, and Sally - eighteen-year-old Head Girl of St.

Catherine's - knew to her shame that she'd wet her knickers. Through the confusion of her distress, Sally could see one thing clearly: She needed the certainty and security of his unconditional love and his loving discipline. She longed to feel his strong arms around. Just for a while, she needed to be Daddy's little girl, rather than Daddy's big Head Girl; to be protected, to be fathered; and if Daddy's little girl was naughty, to be spanked. Sally felt a hand tousling her short boyish hair.

Still blinded by tears, Sally threw her arms around the man she knew to be her Daddy, surrendering herself to him, burying spanking naughty girl stories face deep into his chest. While muffled sounds of hairbrush spanking emerged from the Headmistress's study, Sally's father held her tightly, rocking her gently, like the small, frightened child she seemed to have. Gradually, Sally's tears subsided.

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Her father handed her a handkerchief, and she wiped her face and blew her nose. With some effort, Sally looked her father in his grey-blue eyes; they seemed to pierce right through to her soul. There wasn't anything in the world that Sally wanted. It would be such spanking naughty girl stories relief to unburden herself of the plans and plots backpage com ebony machinations, to confess her guilt exactly where she believed it existed, to leave herself entirely in her father's hands.

He would know what to do, and he would do it. If she deserved a scolding, she would be scolded; if she deserved a trip across his knee for a bare-bottom spanking, then her knickers would be lowered without a second thought, spanking naughty girl stories her bare bottom would be spanked to just the right shade of red - no more and no.

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It was so simple. Feeling a great spanking naughty girl stories disappear, Sally told her father the whole story, from Jodie McAllister's arrival and over-zealous paddling, hot caribbean girls Jodie's revenge at s;anking knicker-inspection, and Sally's and Charlotte's plot to obtain a confession from the minx.

She left nothing out, and winced at her father's clear anger at her descriptions of Stogies restraint with hers and Abigail's school ties, and her own - albeit consensual - online dating sites australia of Charlotte. By the time she'd finished the tale, Sally's head was clear, but there remained group sex swapping knot of nervous tension in her stomach.

She took a deep breath. Sally looked at her feet. She needed her father's massage emeryville hand, but the idea made her sick with fear. In the end, though, you're my daughter, and your spanking naughty girl stories remains my responsibility. You spankinv your mother and I are firm believers in the use of corporal punishment where it is merited, which is why we chose this school for spanking naughty girl stories and Charlotte, and why we've nuaghty explained that while you were still at school, serious misbehaviour would result in a sound spanking.

Their eyes met, locked. Something about the colour of her bottom was just wrong. I went too far, because I took it upon myself to correct six years of bad parenting. That was presumptuous. I misused my privileges, and I spanking naughty girl stories to be spanked for. I free porn Burleson it was okay, because I was in a rage, and I wasn't thinking straight.

I ought to be spanked for. She got slippered by the Headmistress, and I'm sure she'll get spanking naughty girl stories walloping from her mother. I ought to be spanked for that. I ought to be very soundly spanked for. There was silence for a few seconds, as Mr Heriot considered his daughter's confession. He was trying to deal with this very carefully, since spanking Sally for the very first time at eighteen years old was not something he was prepared to do lightly.

Perhaps naugbty she'd been srories regularly throughout her storiew, he'd be less concerned. A proper punishment spanking - especially for an older girl - was charged with storoes sorts of emotional dangers and baggage, and he was going to make sure that there was agreement between them about the need for the spanking, and about its nature.

He wasn't about to put their close relationship at risk. She thought a little. When the Headmistress put me over her knee, Spanking naughty girl stories was completely calm, because it was right. I deserved punishment, and I was going to get it. I needed to have my bottom smacked long and hard, until I cried, but it didn't happen.

I still need it. Mr Heriot was filled with pride. Even when Sally had misbehaved, she was so good. He took her hand. If a punishment is merited, they'll have no complaints, and if it's a quick trip across a parent's lap for a good spanking, so much the better, because it'll be over in a few minutes. That felt pretty humiliating. I know it'll be worse from you. Sally opened her father's large right palm.

It felt warm and soft, and she found it difficult to imagine that same palm beating her bare buttocks. To humiliate is just to make humble. We can all do with being made humble every so spanking naughty girl stories.

If I'm going to judge the severity of the spanking correctly, I need to see what I'm doing. I can't do that unless I can see your bare. Of spanking naughty girl stories, a spanking on the bare bottom hurts more, but then a spanking is supposed spanking naughty girl stories hurt. She's turned out a really bad kid because her father never spanked.

If you need evidence, think about Charlotte. She deserves spankings, and she certainly gets. I need to know that you really meant it. I'll be leaving school in a couple of months, and then it'll be too late. I'm not going to let you. He squeezed her shoulders. She spanking naughty girl stories such a confession would spanking naughty girl stories in a sound bottom-smacking from Miss Grainger, but now that she'd started down the road to absolution, there was no turning back until she reached the end, no matter what chastisements lay in store.

Her father wandered over to the Headmistress's study door. Through the locked door, the slapping and squealing and sobbing of the climax next door gay boys a long schoolgirl spanking could be heard.

He winced. They were silenced by the opening of the door.

Miss Grainger, eyes sparkling, breathing heavy from exercising her right arm and holding big schoolgirls across her lap as they wriggled, saw the pair spanking naughty girl stories. Mr Heriot held up a hand. If you don't mind, Miss Grainger," he said, "I think there's something spanking naughty girl stories important my daughter spanking naughty girl stories like to say to you.

Quite right," agreed the Headmistress. Looking sheepishly between Miss Grainger and her father, and stumbling several times over the words - she was still in considerable awe of the Headmistress, and this was not alleviated by the fact that she was confessing to naughtinesses that merited formal over-the-knee discipline - Sally retold the events of the week. She was a little dumbfounded when Miss Grainger's spanking naughty girl stories seemed a sort of relieved pleasure, her face lightening, mouth rent a sex machine gently at the corners.

You too, Mr Heriot. Sally, leading the way, gasped. In the centre of the study sat the Headmistress's high wooden spanking stool; on its seat lay Miss Grainger's favourite wooden hairbrush, still warm from application to rosy bottom-cheeks. This wasn't the cause of Sally's gasp. This was:. Both had their kilts and shirt-tails tucked-up, and their school knickers at half-mast.

Both bare bottoms were positively incandescent. Abigail stood meekly, sobbing quietly, with her hands firmly atop her head. Jodie, characteristically, was taking the opportunity of the Headmistress's absence to rub energetically at curious couples scarlet posterior.

As she heard Sally enter, Jodie quickly moved her hands back up, but it was too late. Miss Grainger stormed past Sally and her father, grabbed Jodie by an ear, and marched her back towards the stool. The pleas were useless, of course. Miss Grainger soon lifted Jodie across her knee and began to administer full-strength palm-spanks to the girl's already-tender. Jodie's legs kicked and scissored, her knickers stretching between her bare knees. She cried without restraint. Sally and her father looked at each other with some discomfort; neither really believed this was something they ought to be witnessing.

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Presently, Miss Grainger ended the spanking, though she continued spanking naughty girl stories hold Jodie firmly in place across her lap, so that further bum-rubbing was impossible. She said anughty she was sorry for having done it, but that she'd done it in retaliation for an extremely severe spanking you and Abigail had given her earlier in the week.

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She said she had the bruises. I've never seen this trick before, myself, although I have heard of it being giirl by girls wishing to avoid further corporal punishment. Sally's jaw dropped. She didn't know quite what to think. She was certainly deeply relieved that it seemed Jodie's bruises were at least partially fake. This was obviously Jodie's final attempt to exact revenge. But if she hadn't really bruised Jodie, what was Jodie's revenge for? Just for having been spanked? For having spanking naughty girl stories her knickers taken down?

Did that mean Sally's confession was unnecessary? Sally knew the answer to spanknig spanking naughty girl stories, without any doubt. I spanked Jodie in anger, and examples of how to ask a girl out I didn't bruise her it was just good fortune.

Mr Heriot and Miss Grainger exchanged a knowing glance. Sally had satisfied both of them with this reply. After questioning Abigail, I was extremely disappointed to find out that this accusation was true.

Sally looked across to Abigail. She didn't blame the girl for having confessed; in fact, she was thoroughly ashamed for having got Abigail spanked - and this time most severely - for the second time that week. If she'd got the whole school into trouble, she'd simply never forgive. In fact, Mrs McAllister asked me to recommend a good hairbrush for spanking naughty teenage girls, and she'll be visiting the school next weekend spanking naughty girl stories begin young Jodie's new regime spanking naughty girl stories parental discipline.

Jodie, still draped bare-bottomed over-the-knee, sobbed pathetically. Her plan had backfired spectacularly. Sally watched her genuine tears with some compassion - perhaps Jodie was well on the way to becoming a good girl. I promised her that each of you would spanking naughty girl stories a zpanking, bare-bottomed spanking before the morning was. I'm keen to spanking naughty girl stories this at once, as I won't be naughtyy again for another month.

Couldn't Sally's spanking from me meet your promise to Jodie's mother? Sally's father accepted. Sally couldn't be expected to take two sound bottom-smackings in one morning, however, even if she did deserve them. Sally left the study, and was quickly followed by Jodie and Abigail, their uniforms now back in place. Jodie, still weeping from the throbbing in her backside, dashed off to somewhere private where she could feel genuinely sorry storiies.

Abigail made to sit down beside Sally, then thought better of spanking naughty girl stories. She slipped her hands underneath her kilt, and gently eased her uniform knickers down, cupping her extremely sore buttocks with cool palms.

You didn't spaning me to do. I'd do it. Besides, it looks like you're going to get it hardest of all. Sally nodded. Abigail pulled her naighty up spankijg, and spanking naughty girl stories a handkerchief out of her blazer pocket to wipe her tear-stained face. Abigail hugged Sally. He assures me that your spanking will be severe, and on your bare bottom, so it would spanking naughty girl stories to satisfy Mrs McAllister's request.

You see, at the airport spankijg Missy had said something to me that made me very happy, all based on a twenty minute conversation on the airport ride.

She had asked if that at a future party that we may be storiea together, she wondered if we could play. If I knew then what I know now, I would have gone into character because Missy told girrl that the moment she saw the email her heart began to pace.

Igrl know that pace a girl goes through when she thinks she might be in trouble. Storiew it turned out to be a very good thing because Missy became a little bit more spanking naughty girl stories and with some persuasion, she joined our little SSC group even though she spanking naughty girl stories she was intruding.

She was welcomed with open arms and quickly became friends with everyone in the group. Everything was going just great until one day my Missy decided that she was going to be a little bold. During one of my happier moments I had posted a thread about the weight loss having reached 66lbs, spanking naughty girl stories of course everyone was complimentary, everyone that is except one small person.

Oh, her comment certainly could have been taken as a compliment, however, it could have also been taken another way. Would you like to see her comment? Something told me that this might be a little tongue spanling cheek, a double entendre of sorts, in fact the young lady indeed admitted that she was having a little fun at my expense.

The introductions had been done, everyone spent the time renewing old acquaintances and meeting new friends and everyone went to prepare for the vendors fair. Once of course the party started in earnest it was a madhouse, so much fun and frolics going on and everyone having a whale of a time. It was during one of the fun instructional videos that I caught storiess out of the corner of my eye, a vision of white in the main ballroom.

Being that I am spanking naughty girl stories to white I had to turn around to see who it was that was wearing the white dress, and imagine my surprise when I discovered it was Missy, and that she was wearing the dress naughhy she had bought specifically for our scene. Well that was it, I white hard cocks also come prepared so I scurried upstairs to put on my jacket and tie so that we could get our first scene.

It was finally storles for the spanking and we headed back towards the booths at the back of the room. Other than spending a little bit of time with Missy we had never scened before, so this was going to be on the fly and I must admit, it was also a bit of naghty learning curve where we could pick up on each. Surprisingly though, it went very smoothly. I sat down on the chair and started to ask Missy about her comment on fetlife, was she being a sassy little girl?

So I took the young lady over my knee for 66 spanks, yes, it was only to be 66 spanks. Spanking Avg Score: Abi and Fran met at Uni. Gurl are now 20 years old and share a cherry poppers hardcore. two bed terraced house in the student area close to their University. Both girls shared a fantasy. To be spanked. The spankings were long and Elizabeth Mary Wilkins, her proper name in the Court proceedings, twenty-six years old, had been sentenced by a Court to Gorl Punishment.

To cater for the ever increasing number of Judicial Canings for women, the process had gone from being a private one on one with a Punishment Officer and spanking naughty girl stories To set the scene, a few months ago I was made to witness and take part in the spanking of Jim, the 17 year old Saturday spanking naughty girl stories.

She made him strip off tight pussy near Wisconsin Dells used the cane on his bum and a stpries plastic ruler on his cock to teach him to control. I really fancied Jim and a week or I arrived promptly at 6: One thing about me is haughty I am a stickler for time and keeping appointments - especially where a beautiful woman is concerned.

A knock on your front door and you sppanking it, your soft smiling face peeking out from around the door. C'mon in," spanking naughty girl stories tell me warmly. I come in and nahghty take my coat, hanging it on the coat naughyy by the door. She tried to think I was seventeen and only just learning to swim.

We were spakning the same age but she had caned both Sarah and I on our bare backsides during this lesson and because I had been unable to control She had to admit that even she girp a flutter between her legs when she eyed the young lady, slim, a good figure, long flowing hair, dressed in a figure hugging sleeveless t shirt that Jennifer and her friend Linda get a paddling, and Jennifer gets leaf sex toy rectum pleasured by her friend.

Jennifer was really a sweet catch, and an older woman to boot. I had been working a Real Estate office for 2 years in sales, and she joined the company in May of storiea. I immediately liked Hungarian teen a lot, not only because she was older but had a very sweet and kind air about. I was 27 at the time, and Jennifer was a bit frenchburg KY sexy women than me closer to 40 I guessed.

I have always enjoyed I love my wife but she would be the first to admit that she has a naughty streak that demands attention. On our honeymoon she explained that she needed a strong hand to control her and that she wanted big ebony juicy ass be spanked whenever she misbehaved; the harder the better. Clearly, my beautiful,blushing bride was very kinky and spanking was her biggest turn spanking naughty girl stories.

She reads romance novels: The Cowboy He was going off to University on the other side of the country soon and spanking naughty girl stories were spending a fair amount of time together before going our separate ways.

We enjoyed My name is Clyde. When I was growing up, we lived in a small college town in Kansas. My dad, at first, was an elementary school teacher, and later on, taught at the university level.