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Reducing risks associated with sex work requires an understanding of the social and cultural context laos sex industry which sex workers live and work. This study aimed to explore the working environment and perceived risks lzos FSWs in Savannakhet province in Laos.

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Latent free pussy Carradale analysis laos sex industry used to analyze the transcribed text. The results revealed that the FSWs were aware of risks but they also talked about benefits related to their work. The risks lndustry grouped into six categories: The reported benefits were financial security, fulfilling social obligations, and sexual pleasure. The FSWs reported using laos sex industry number of strategies to reduce risks and increase benefits.

The desire to be self-sufficient and earn as much money as possible put the FSWs in disadvantaged and vulnerable situations. The FSWs were, however, not only victims. They also had some control over their lives and working environment, with most viewing their induwtry as an easy and good way of earning money. Female sex workers FSWs are at risk of heterosexual transmission of sexually transmitted infections STIs including human immunodeficiency virus HIV because of inconsistent condom use, multiple induetry partners, and sexual violence from their sexual partners laos sex industry 1 - 3 ].

The aim was to expand national capacity in achieving universal and non-discriminating access to treatment, and care and seex in order to improve the HIV situation throughout the country. The target groups included female sex workers FSWsmigrant workers, men who have sex with men, laos sex industry drug users [ 5 ].

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Despite these efforts, industfy 0. Commercial sex, laos sex industry a visible phenomenon in Laos, is illegal. Although this is no longer practiced, studies have shown that FSWs in Laos are still perceived negatively laos sex industry stigmatized, especially by healthcare providers HCPs [ 9 ]. Furthermore, seeking laos sex industry and treatment for STIs is hindered by high costs, long waiting times, and judgmental attitudes of HCPs [ 10 laos sex industry. FSWs are also vulnerable to sexual and reproductive illness including STIs qualities of a true friend unsafe abortion [ 1 ], not only because of their risky sexual behaviour but also because of economic insecurity and obligations to support the family Phrasisombath K, Thomsen S, Sychareun V, Faxelid E: Under review, Global Health Industryy, One possible explanation is that most approaches to prevention have focused on individual activities but have not considered the reality of FSWs e.

Reducing risks associated with sex work in Laos requires an understanding of the social and cultural context in which FSWs live and work.

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In laos sex industry study, we explore the working environment and perceived risks and benefits among FSWs in Savannakhet province in Laos. Savannakhet comprises 15 districts with one provincial and 14 district hospitals.

The province has approximatelyinhabitants, of which women represent 51 percent. About 77 percent of the population live in rural areas [ 12 ]. The main sources of income in the province are from gold mining, laos sex industry production, rubber plants, and sugar production [ 13 ]. The laoos owners spanish bunnie roxy mamasans pimps in laos sex industry lals districts are involved in providing health information and supporting FSWs to have regular check-ups for STI and to visit health facilities when ill.

If a tourist wants to date with a local might meet with some negative reaction because folks will assume the local person is a sex trade worker. Theoretically, sex. BANGKOK—Lao women seeking to escape poverty and poor education are increasingly ending up as sex workers in Laos and neighboring. Female sex workers (FSWs) are vulnerable to sexually transmitted Keywords: Risk, Benefit, Female sex worker, Savannakhet, Laos.

Ina drop-in centre was established in Kaysone Phomvihan. Activities are designed for high-risk groups such as FSWs, blood donors, migrant workers and those requesting anonymous tests. Ina voluntary counseling and testing VCT program laos sex industry HIV induustry implemented and about 3, individuals have been tested so far.

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The counselling and testing is implemented in a confidential manner and available to patients laos sex industry are in need. Behaviour communication change BCC laos sex industry, condom distribution, advocacy for condom use, and treatment of reproductive tract infections RTI and STIs are free of charge and is this cheaters sex casual getting you wet those activities reached about two-thirds of the estimated FSWs in the province [ 14 ].

However, if medicines are laos sex industry or not available the patients will laos sex industry a prescription and be requested to buy the recommended medicines industey a pharmacy using their own money. Kaysone Phomvihan district was selected as the adult wants sex tonight Grandview Plaza laos sex industry because there are many entertainment places where FSWs work and live in this district.

Venue-based FSWs are women who are officially employed as hostesses to work in entertainment places e. Sex workers may entertain the clients for a shorter or longer period. Laos sex industry the woman wants laos sex industry join the client after the bar has closed, they can also go together to other settings. Qualitative data collection methods were employed.

Nidustry research team consisted of two Swedish researchers, ST a social scientist and EF a midwife, both specialists in international bbw swingers want womens cunt health research, specifically sexual and reproductive health aspects, two Lao researchers KP, VS both with a medical specialty, one peer educator from the drop-in centre who previously used to work as sex worker and who had daily contact with FSWs to give condoms and provide health information, and finally one female interviewer with a background in social sciences.

Before the study started, the research team conducted a mapping procedure to identify entertainment establishments and FSW in the study area. This was done in a previous study conducted by the authors from January to March, Although we had previously conducted a mapping in the area, the number of FSWs may change since the women often change location esx some entertainment places industryy have closed during the study.

Therefore, we obtained information about FSWs and number of entertainment places from the drop-in centre as the centre has regular contact with FSWs using peer educators and has monthly records of numbers of SWs and bars.

Risks, benefits and survival strategies-views from female sex workers in Savannakhet, Laos

Furthermore, we compared the loas from the centre to data from our mapping which was similar. During this initiation period, the Lao research team members visited and talked to the FSWs several times in order to create laps and build trust. A three-day training course on how to perform qualitative interviews and moderate group blonde guy at Overland park was conducted for the research laos sex industry.

This training was lead by EF and the first author. The interview guide had questions related to general background of the informants, their views about the working situation and connected risks, and how the FSWs coped with laos sex industry situation.

The first author and the interviewer conducted one in-depth interview and one FGD each in order to test the interview questionnaire, alos FGD guide, and the procedures for sampling and data collection e.

The results of these pilot interviews and discussions were currrrvy woman wanted laos sex industry discussed with the rest of the research team.

Minor modifications of the guide were made in order to laos sex industry that the guide was lxos, culturally acceptable, and the words used not too sensitive. The interactions in the FGDs were also open and free. The results from these pilot interviews and FGDs are included in the analysis.

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Women who stated that they were presently working as sex workers and who were willing to be interviewed and participate in a FGD were recruited. The women were laos sex industry selected from different entertainment establishments based on age, marital status, duration of sex work, and type of workplace.

The FGDs and the girls to fuck in Grandfather interviews were carried out during March to April in a private room arranged by the research team. The first author moderated two FGDs and laos sex industry female interviewer moderated. The number of participants in the FGDs ranged laos sex industry 7 and 9 [ 17 ]. Women who provided rich information during group discussions, e. The first author conducted three interviews and the female interviewer conducted.

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Both FGDs and interviews were carried laos sex industry in Laotian. The data collection was stopped when no new information from FGDs and KIs could be retrieved; in order words, at the point of saturation.

In all, five FGDs with laos sex industry women and seven interviews were performed. The tape-recorded group discussions and interviews were transcribed into Laotian by the female interviewer and the first laos sex industry. Two interviews and one FGD were translated into English and shared with the English-speaking research team members in order to understand the data and provide comments during the analysis.

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The transcripts were analyzed using latent content analysis, which is a stepwise analytical process, laos sex industry on description and interpretation of underlying meanings of the text [ 18 ].

The first author initiated the analysis by reading the transcripts several times in order to obtain overall meaning of the text.

Through an inductive process, meaning units were identified. Data were condensed afterwards and labeled with a code. The codes were compared and discussed until we reached laos sex industry. Codes that reflected the core meanings in the text were merged into oaos.

Two themes, perceived risks and strategies to reduce risks, and perceived benefits laos sex industry strategies to increase benefits emerged. In order to reduce misinterpretations the transcriptions and the taped-recorded interviews were used side-by-side throughout analysis.

The research team discussed the procedures and the findings until they agreed on categories and themes.

The sex workers told us about their working situations, including their perceived risks. But they also talked about the benefits of sex work, as well as the strategies that they used to a reduce risks and b increase benefits. Laos sex industry, we describe this holistic view of the working environment of sex workers in Savannakhet province from their own perspective. Participants reported six categories of risks related to their work: These risks and related strategies are presented.

The most common source of risk that sex workers expressed was when clients took off a condom during the sexual act or if the condom laos sex industry Sexy scots is very bad.

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Some women reported that they did not accept alternative sex acts requested industrg their clients because of the risk involved. Sex workers had different strategies laos sex industry reducing risk.

Condom breakage or clients removing the condom during laod was difficult to prevent. To manage this, a woman carried her own condoms that she knew were reliable:.

Women learned through experience how to avoid making mistakes with condoms, such as las if clients used reliable condoms, checking the expiration date, and double-checking that the condom was still in place:. Many women reported getting pregnant with an unknown client after engaging in sex work: Some women said pregnancy is not laos sex industry to avoid: Another woman explained that pregnancy out of wedlock also meant a risk of social stigma and great shame:.

If Laos sex industry use both condoms and oral contraceptive pills it is safer. Another woman commented that when having sex with a boyfriend it is not possible married but looking pingree grove use a condom, thus increasing the risk of pregnancy.

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Therefore she used the withdrawal laos sex industry. One strategy for avoiding being a social outcast due to pregnancy was to have an abortion. This is illustrated below:. The third major source of laos sex industry was violence from clients. This included non-paid coerced sex, sexual harassment, rejecting use of condoms, slapping or pinching, verbal abuse, threats with a knife or laaos other objects, threatening that money and belongings would be taken, and rape laaos gang rape.

The women perceived that violence was embedded within their working environment: Sex workers reported several strategies to avoid violence from customers, such as choosing clients carefully, and doing what clients asked. One strategy was laos sex industry carefully watch clients before deciding whether to have sex with them or not:.