Ordering Information

All orders are subject to NTP Europe standard conditions of sale outlined on every invoice.

How to order
Orders may be placed by fax or email.  An order may be placed by phone if necessary, but the product will only be shipped after written confirmation of the order is received (from the client to NTP Europe).

The following information is needed for prompt handling and shipping of your order

  1. Isotope or component name and item number
  2. Quantity
  3. Activity (for isotopes)
  4. Active dimensions (for isotopes; if nothing specified, the source will be manufactured according to our standards – see our fact sheets for more details)
  5. Type of capsule (for isotopes)
  6. Delivery date required
  7. Any special shipping instructions
  8. Complete address for delivery and invoicing + VAT number
  9. Purchase order number or contract number (if any)
  10. The owner of the container
  11. The type and serial number of the container
  12. AWB number and flight details if you send your container by plane

Where to order
NTP Europe
Avenue de l’Espérance 1
Zoning Industriel
B-6220 Fleurus (Belgium)
Fax +32 71 82 3566
Email sales@ntp-europe.eu

For further information please contact us.